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What size VS bathing suit should I get?

I'm a 34B and wear a size 1 pant. I heard the sizes run large so I was thinking about getting a 34A top and small bottoms? I don't live near any Victoria's Secret stores so I have to order online without trying any bathing suits.

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    It depends if you are getting push up or not. If not, get a small or whatever size you are but if you want one that's a push up I reccomend getting a cup size bigger. I'm a 32B in vs and most stores but for the swimsuit I got a 32C and it fits perfectly and gives me the perfect lift!

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    VS frequently runs real to length. you could order 2 sizes, go back the single which does no longer in advantageous condition. VS swimming matches are the most suitable. also, in case you telephone contained in the order the operator can help you make certain the right length. they have added suggestions on the in advantageous condition.

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