I'm thinking of using a video résumé for my next job search. Any advice?

I've been hearing a lot about video résumés becoming the new way to present yourself to potential employers. I saw a really good video résumé company at a recent job fair and I loved what they had to offer. I just want to know what others think about using video résumés -vs- the old fashion paper résumé method. Thoughts?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You need both paper and video, because a lot of employers are still clueless about the video trend. Also, the video must not me more than 15-20 sec long. Remember that the purpose of the résumé is to get you in for an interview--not do the full pitch on your abilities, experience, desires for the job, etc.

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    4 years ago

    hi, Video resumes are large for particular circumstances and intensely directed opportunities. As a hiring supervisor, i've got not got time to demonstrate screen a three - 5 minute video and maximum hiring managers and recruiters are a similar. a sparkling, concise and professional resume will do lots extra for you and if it is done top, gets the attention and make contact with returned from the viewer. hopefully that facilitates and stable success! CJ

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