How comfortable is an "old styled" Kawasaki Ninja 250r?

I'm looking at a 2001 Kawasaki Ninja 250r. I'm wondering how comfortable it is on rides up to about an hour. I'm 6' and 240 lbs. I started on a Honda Rebel and after back aches at the end of a fifteen minute ride I decided I wanted something more comfortable, but I don't want to leave the quarter liter class. Any answers/opinions are greatly appreciated!


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  • 9 years ago
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    I'm 6'4" and 250 and have owned a Ninja 250 continuously for the past 9 years. Started with a 2001, bought a 2008 which was then sold a few months later and bought a 2005. The "F" model bikes (sometimes called "pregen") are as close as I've found to the old UJM standard. Pegs straight down, a nice riding position where you're Slightly forward, but not so much as even a sport-touring bike. The Ninja 250 is my "go-to" for all on-street riding where I'm going solo and don't need to carry a ton of stuff. Somehow I've managed to rack up over 50k miles on them. You'll find the bike will have a nice power increase over the Rebel too, if you decide to go this route.

    Did you find that the Rebel put you back on your tail-bone, or the flip-up of the back of the seat dug into your lower back? That's the problem I have with cruisers, not to mention the leg room seems less than even full-on race bikes.

    Source(s): rider since 1990, "upgraded" to the Ninja 250 in 2003
  • mn
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    9 years ago

    comfort on a bike is a personal thing.. the NINJA is more of a lean forward position than the Rebel..& this could well be more comfortable for you.. you may get some relief from fitting a small screen to your rebel..

    I find that the sit up position gives me a bad back.. because of the wind hitting me in the chest..

    but find my Ducati 800 sport comfortable at speeds over 50MPH..

  • rob s
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    9 years ago

    had a 2005 ninja 250,im 6 feet tall 220 lbs,so we are close.

    was commuting 54 miles 1 way to work with it,legs got little cramp but not much of problem there,

    you can also get buell blast pegs with little grinding they will fit,gives an inch more in room.

    ALSO very important you must change gearing on it to lower RPMs at hwy speeds.

    READ all about this bike at this web site:

    Source(s): sprockets change is not to expensive,about $150 for both and a chain.
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