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What's really going on here?

so me and this guy have been talking for 3weeks straight he's had a crush on me for 2 years and I finally gave in and gave him my phone#.

so we're talking and he nervously expresses his feeling for me saying that he never thought of marriage til he started talking to me. I meet all his standards and saying everyday he thinks about us one day being together (now he moved to georgia for college & i'm moving there next yr for college and so we can only tlk on the phone) he called me up and said "when i hear your voice I get butterflies in my stomach and I get nervous around you and thats why when i see you its hard for me to go up to you." so the guy is going in and I let him know that i do like him and what not and he makes me feel stay and now he's excited and relieved that i have feelings for him. so we continue to talk and then we stop tlking and he calls letting me know that he feeling like he put his feelings out too soon and he just needs to learn how to be by himself for awhile and figure out what who he wants to be with and called to let me know he wasnt trying to flake out i'm thinking what?? how could this happen it was all good you know i was shocked..he knew how much i liked him that was 4 days ago now his fb status' lets me know something is bothering him right now

whats really going on here?

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    After wanting you for so long and never actually getting the chance to talk to you and going through life knowing he really didn't mean much to you, he got used to it. Now that he has your attention and he's telling you everything it's more of a shock to him and he just wants to be sure he still feels the same because now you do too. Its just a scary feeling many of us guys get when something actually goes our way. Or that could just be me and he started talking to someone else and is confused or doesn't know how he can wait so long to see you. Just give him time to finally come and talk to you and find out the truth and just be understanding and keep him feeling comfortable. Don't make it to hard for him to tell you exactly what's going on because when girls sometimes make it tough then we start leaving the truth behind

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