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What should she do in this situation?

My close friend just told me her husband told her that she doesn't know him as well as she should and left yesterday. They've been married 7 years. He won't return her calls nor text. What advice should I give her?

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    Give him time. When he's ready he will return and when he does than make a suggestion to try couples therapy/marriage counseling. If he isn't interested in going to couples therapy and seeing if the marriage can be worked on than give him more time. If after some time he shows no interest in making things work, than it is his right to leave the marriage if that is how he feels. If any partner says to the other partner that they feel their partner doesn't know them, then it is a real issue, and a serious one. It may be true or it may not be true. People tend to change over the years. Especially if you married during your 20s and are now in your 30s and so forth (although I'm not sure what your situation is that regard, but people change as time progresses). Nothing lasts forever unfortunately. All good things at some point come to an end. Not to say that the marriage is over, but this could be a turning point where it may survive or it may not.

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    Most likely, its a bluff (he needs attention or wants "the upper hand" in the relationship)

    If it is more serious, he has been cheating or thinking of it, and things have gotten too bad at home for him to resist any longer and will pursue another relationship.

    I ont know the relationship at all, but she could text and say whatever the problem is they can work it out and reassure him that she loves him ect. i know its hard to "beg" and almost belittle yourself, but sometimes teh spouse just needs attention or reassurance and the only way they know how to get it is to create a situation.

  • that's not right. I think he has someone else. Get a good lawyer with NO upfront fee and LOW fees. There are many lawyers, you need to call around. Make sure his expertise in divorce and he has a long good history. Get alimony and child support and you will be ok.

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    He found an excuse to dump her. Obviously, many things happened in 7 years, which we do not know. She may have done something that might caused him to leave her. Sounds like big communication problem.

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