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How to get soap out of a matress QUICKLY?

I spilled soda on my matress, and I cleaned it with soap and water, how do I get the soap out the matress QUICKLY

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    You really can't. Before you can remove the soap, you need to remove as much moisture as possible, then let the mattress finish air-drying.

    Grab a roll of paper towels, some clean rags or cloths, or some towels. Fold several paper towels to approximately the size of the damp spot, or use one cloth or towel at a time, similarly folded, and firmly press directly down on the spot. DON'T RUB! Just press down. Repeat, repeat, repeat, until NO moisture at all shows on the paper towel or cloth, and the mattress feels dry to the touch.

    Then just leave it alone for now. At least overnight. Cover the area with some more folded paper towels or a small towel, if you like, then replace the sheet. It's OK to sleep on. Tomorrow (or the next day), vacuum the spot to remove the soap residue.

    That's really all there is to it. You could, if you wanted to, clean the surface of the mattress with upholstery cleaner AFTER it has been dry a day or two, but since soap is already clean ... you really don't need to.

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