California or Florida (20 charactors)?

I live in Florida, so I'm biased, but I've never been to Cali.

If California, why?


No one is saying why XD

I like our beaches, Disney WORLD (Disneyland doesn't have many of my favorite things, plus we have the expansion coming our way), Harry Potter World, and all the lakes.

Update 2:

Ahh, you see, I like the humidity because I'm weird XD

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    9 years ago
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    Well I live in California so I'm biased as well .

    I think it obviously depends . Yes I admit I'm a little bitter and feel jipped that you guys got Disney World .

    I do love Disneyland (& California Adventures) It is kind of cool that it's the original Disney park & where it all began .

    I think entertainment & activities is almost endless .

    Where I live (in So Cal) I'm half an hour away from Disneyland , an hour from L.A. , 2 hours from San Diego , and a 4 hour drive to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway .

    Plus , much much more .

    I heard nightlife in Florida (I'm guessing Miami) is crazy .

    I also love all the events and award ceremonies that come through .

    Sometimes you can hang out by the red carpert and watch all the celebrities go by . Sometimes you can even get free tickets into the events .

    You can get free tickets to attend a TV show taping . Last month I went to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno guests were Kardashian sisters & Donny Deutsch . Lots of fun . Met a lot of people from places like Virginia , South Dakota , even Finland .

    While I'm kind of speaking mainly of Southern California , the furthest up North I've been is San Francisco which is an absolutely amazing city .

    California is also very diverse .

    Personally , I just love it here . It's not everyone's cup of tea . But I like it .

  • rivett
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    4 years ago

    Come to California! Its exquisite right here! Stay at a Best Western someplace they have got them in each town. They are quality but no longer too costly. And are available May whilst it's beginning to get hot and you'll come to the shores right here (Huntington, Laguna, Newport, Balboa, Corona Del Mar.) You too can come to disneyland and california journey (the 2 topic parks throughout from each and every different). Also this is Universal Studios in Hollywood. You have got to keep in Orange County. It is the middle factor for the shores and disneyland and different locations. We have plenty of important shops. (Brea Mall, South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island, The Block at Orange, The Irvine Spectrum) Also now we have two water parks (Wild Rivers, Raging Waters) Raging waters is sooo exquisite! ALSO California has soo a lot higher climate than Florida. You shall be depressing in Florida in the course of the months you wish to head in view that it is going to be so humid. California is how to move! Also if you happen to come to California you ought to devour In-In-Out burger. They handiest have it in cali arizona and nevada and it's the fine burgers you're going to ever style. Ask any person in cali and they are going to let you know that.

  • Brazo
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    9 years ago


  • D
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    9 years ago

    California I am Canadian and have been to both Florida and California and I like California a lot more

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    California - It's not as humid. No hurricanes. No southerners. No New Yorkers. No Alligators. Higher literacy rates. Less religiosity. Better universities. Stronger economy. More biodiversity.

  • Cj
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    9 years ago


    but im biased aswell.

    California looks like an awesome place, i wouldnt mind living there

  • 9 years ago

    Cali! Cause I've never been to Florida yeah...

  • No!
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    9 years ago

    Definitely not Florida!

  • anon
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    9 years ago

    California and because my daddy lived there for a bit:)

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