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5 year old cursing problem.?

I am a father to a 5 year old girl. And she has a cursing problem. How can i fix this?. I looked this up, and they said a swear jar, and whenever she curses she has to put money in there. And i did that, and she swore she i made her put coin in there. And she told me oh hell no. And walked away.

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    Put her in her bedroom and hold the door shut, even if she trys to open the door don't allow her to leave that room for five minutes, then each time she cusses place her back into her bedroom and tell her she has to ask god to forgive her for cussing. Also, tell her about the lake of fire and the devil comes and gets little girls and takes them to hell for cussing. She will quit,

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    What you could do is ignore her. I had the same exact problem and when my 6 year old son started swearing at me I would not talk to him. I'd leave the room. After a couple of weeks he would stop himself and now he's 8 and doesn't have the problem anymore he has more controll so just try ignoring her. That's one of the worst punishments without physical contact

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    Wash her mouth out with soap or spank her.

    Some people think that's abuse, but it's not. You're disciplining your child for the better. Rather than take away her money because she's swearing (because, really, how much money does a five-year-old really have?), do something with an immediate consequence. This worked with me, and I was the three-year-old in the classroom screaming the F bomb.

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    I'm sorry I have a bit of i potty mouth too. Where is she getting it from? Not meeee anyway try using descent language around her and maybe she might do the same? or ask her where she learned it from, but most curse words have meaning like ***** is a female dog. F u c k i n g is the name of a place in Austria. So if you think about it hell is in the bible and so is @ss (Donkey) so just keep that in mind.

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  • B
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    This does not sound like a legit question because a 5 yr old would not know to use the term "hell no" in the correct context.

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    a habit expert definately and a few severe retraining with the naughty step. childrens p.c.. this up from different childrens in maximum circumstances so seem for the influencing element and eliminate it. his mom probably had a significant section in it as he might have picked up on it as being universal. its a solid reason to partition for sole custody or joint custody with the grandparents on the mothers edge with non unique get admission to via the mum. you need to attempt and talk with him and in reality supply him the call of not being allowed to stay if he doesnt behave as daddy gets a sparkling toddler fairly. replace in weight loss software could help as deficiancies by way of junk nutrition could be giving him adhd indicators

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    Discipline her (whoopin')

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