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Funny q about shaving!?

My friend want to know if u have to shave down there!!!

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    Be advised that SHAVING is an UNNATURAL ACT

    Please do consider reducing your carbon foot-print

    by NOT spending $ on stuff you really don't need ... ( like hair removal stuff )

    Smile .......................................... Mother Nature Loves U!

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    You can if you want to!

    Make sure you are using GOOD razors.

    If you use crappy cheap razors you are more likely to get ingrown hairs.

    Once you shave "down there" it might get a little itchy,

    Try not to itch it or you could get red itchy bumps around your bikini line.

    Since it is your first time you should shave along the hairs and not against them,

    So try going down not pulling up.

    Be VERY careful around curves and make sure your razor and area is wet with water or shaving cream or body wash, etc.

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    best way, my friends have used this, im a guy but i still shave, cut the hair off as much as possible, then rub a thick layer of soap on, then use a razor, keep applying soap, it turns out really soft and smooth,make sure to do this in the shower

  • 9 years ago

    You should actually wax but if you prefer shaving then yes cause that's nasty if you don't

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  • 9 years ago

    Of course you don't have to but most people do if they wanna wear bathing suits and guys prefer it too. But it's totally up to you:)

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