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how to get this girl to go out with me?

I really like this girl i flirt with her, she knows i like her, and i know she likes me, i get close to going out with her, but she's into this other guy WAY more than me, and either he makes fun of her, or she just randomly get's pissed off at me (for no reason,she told me this) for around two weeks. can anyone help me?

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  • 9 years ago

    It sounds like this girl is a bit of a player, and you should never feel like your the second guy someone falls back on when things don't work out with the first. I'd truly consider just staying friends or moving on. But if your really hung up on this girl then try talking to her and ask if she'd like to make things exclusive and make sure she knows that if you do, it means she can't chase this other guy around anymore.

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