license may get suspended in NJ. please help?

After an accident I had, the police gave me a ticket for not producing an insurance card and then when they called up Progressive, they told the officer I was dropped in March. I was under the impression I was covered so it was a great surprise to me.

I understand what may happen. This is the first time this has ever happened and while I understand I will pay out of pocket any damages I wouldn't mind getting a second job to pay everything off but suspension of my license is the only thing I can't have happen. Having a license would help me get to my second job much more easily.

Is there any chance I can do a plea bargain or plead guilty to a lesser crime? Thank you for your opinions and comments in advance and nobody was hurt.


I would have no problem telling the judge it's never happened before because it never has. My vin # can be checked and everything. As for, not knowing about the lapse, I really didn't know because I sent payment but once I looked up on my payment history through my bank it shows that progressive received it but they received it not long after the policy had expired.

Once I got home after the police officer told me my policy had been canceled I quickly reinstated a policy within an hour. I'm sure people have lied about this stuff and there is nothing I can say to prove otherwise but if my background were to be checked it would show that this had never happened before.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You didn't notice that you were NOT paying Progressive? Interesting. They DO send you a letter BEFORE your policy cancels, so you must not have opened that. If I had a nickel every time someone "didn't get the letter" and "didn't know the insurance was cancelling", I could retire.

    You need a traffic lawyer. Without a traffic lawyer - and maybe even with one - you can bet that your license will be pulled.

    Additionally, you'll want to be very, very careful if you decide to tell the judge "this has never happened before". Because a very quick, easy vin check, will show the judge if your car has ever had the insurance cancelled before. MOST people who let their auto insurance lapse, do it over and over and over again.

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