Girls, what is it like dating a sensitive guy?

This guy works in the medical field and is very passionate about his job and making people feel better.

I guy that is a a good listener and has ton of patience's and very easy going kinda guy. Also is sensitive and has empathy for people. On top of that very good at encouraging and teaching people and has a calm and soothing voice. Next has confidence in his self and independent. For the most part in control of his emotions.

not overly sensitive and does not get upset over small things. does not take thing personal when people are joking around . I knows when to be strong and keep his boundaries.

stands up for him self and does not let woman walk all over him.

He also works out and is in good shape and plays sports and runs .

Also He is a part of the big brother program and just wanted to give back.

Next he makes people laugh and has a good sense of humor.

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  • 9 years ago
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