Hair Help?! So confussed..?

Im getting my hair colored for the first time ever tommorow, im really nervous. This is the coloring i wanted

(Im getting my Hair cut like that too)

I have light tan skin so i wasnt sure if the blonde would work with it, will the blonde be okay? and I have natural dark brown hair so I was planning on just leaving the rest natural besides the red and blonde. would it work? I need help since I dont know exactly if thats what I want. Before I found this idea I just wanted the bottom layer red. I just need help since im not very good with putting colors together and all that stuff... Can somebody give me a better idea of what I want? Im not totally sure...

Thanks :)

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    9 years ago
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    This change is MAJOR! and you sound incredibly unsure about it, so i would say not to go for it, atleast, not at the moment. the dye is extreme and so is the cut. (idk if you wanted this but one side of the head is cut short like 2 inches long and the other side is long, atleast thats what i saw. maybe its not??) I would stick with just dying the bottom layer of your hair red for now. That will provide great contrast with your dark brown hair and look really good with your skin tone. It is a unique look and will be a fun change but can easily be undone if you change your mind. unlike the other hairstyle. you just sound so unsure and you cant go back from bleach and a cut.

  • 9 years ago

    well i think its cute HONESTLY!!! if tht what u really want then do it. but who cares dont worry just do it . and if you dont lik it then go back to the drawing board but ITS CUTE. i think u shld get it . just do it . um dont worry it if comes out lookin wierd to u. then do somethin else. just take tht risk, be open minded laugh the mistakes off n keep it movin. cuz the more ya worry the more stress. so i think u should do it cuz u lik and wanna try it out but just kno it may not work for u BUT if u dont try it u will never know. so do it. and then see wher ya get. AND REMEBER ITS JUST HAIR u kno? lol

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