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Why does my hair only knot at the roots? And...?

My hair doesn't really know at the ends, where hair is suppose to split. I use a lot of safe, healing products and have minimal heat or any damage to my hair, but when I go to brush my hair, there are always so many knots up near my roots! And not roots dealing with any coloring, just the area by my head. Why is it doing this and how can I prevent it????


Why is my hair SOOO knotty (ALLOVER!) when it's damp? It's easy to brush when it's soaking wet, but in between that time and the time it's absolutely 100% dry, it's like unthinkable to even try brushing out. I have naturally straight hair, and the worst time to brush it is when it's about 95% dry, 5% damp (if that makes since...). It'll be so painful and will just break!! Why does this happen, any chemical reason?

Thanks so much!

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    Try using a deep conditioner, it sounds like your hair is a real dry type. Try using also a hair mask at least 2x a week. This should fix your hair.

    A tip i got from another girl a while back is to add lavender oil (5 drops) into my shampoo bottle and mix it well before using. This helps moisturize your hair helping it stay hydrated and soft.

    Hope this helps ; )

    Source(s): my hair experience!
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