How to dye hair from red to dark brown?

Hi, if anyone can help me it'll be great. Bsically, i dyed my hair a sort of ginger/blondish color. From there i went red using Garnier Nutrisse R3, then I darkened it a little now it's still red after 2 months. i want to go back to brown. Prefferebly, i want to know if anyone knows how to make a at-home dye using home products, if no one knows how to do that, then I would please like suggestions for any good dyes taht can return me to a nice brown. Thank you very much.

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  • 9 years ago
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    youll run the risk of damaging your hair re-dying it since its been permanently dyed multiple times already, thats something you should always keep in mind when it comes to dying your hair. I would recommend a dark brown semi permanent. A demi-permanent would be even better. It will fade but after a while itll eventually fade to a color youll like. Then after acheiving the color you want with non permanent hair dye, you can go in at your roots with permanent color similar to the one you non-permanently dye it to. This will turn out better then the dry damaged hair youll eventually have to deal with from all the permanent dying.

    As for natural home hair dyes, i dont think an actual working one exists thatll give you a dark brown color your looking for. I hope you take my advice and best of luck to you :)

  • bonia
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    4 years ago

    you need to bleach you hair and get it as light as viable. in case your hair is sizzling brown, it is going to customarily end up form of crimson/orange after which you'll be able to use crimson dye on it. in case you have extra of a bloodless brown hair colour it is going to end up blond. you'll be able to use crimson dye over it, however there's a larger risk that it is going to fade away beautiful speedily. the satisfactory approach is constantly to move see a legitimate air stylist with vast formation in hair colouring.

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