HELP ! Hotel check in question for vacation !!!!?

I want book a hotel for 5 days and 4 nights, Im on and it asked me what day DO I want to check in. I chose July 8th Sunday - July 13th Friday.

Is that correct ?

And also oceanfront means. im literally in front of the ocean right ?

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    9 years ago

    Count the nights. 1- Sunday 2-Monday 3-Tuesday 4-Wednesday 5-Thursday (check out Friday) You will be there for 5 nights.

    Oceanfront should mean the building is located right next to the beach. If you know what hotel it is, take a look at the satellite image in Google Maps to see how close it really is.

    There is also the issue of which side of the hotel your room is. Do you have an ocean view, or a land view?

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