Do people in mexico.. take virginity and how many sex partners a girl has had seriously?

When it comes to marriage… Like taking a girl seriously.. i really like this guy alot and I kissed him today and we danced bachata lol and hung out and I'm pretty sure I made some points today with him… But i'm not a virgin.. I had sex with three guys so far and its all anal sex. I swore I wouldn't have sex anymore until I am married but I can't erase what I did…. I haven't had vaginal sex yet and i don't plan to until I am married…thats something I want to save for my husband(i was going to get married and gave anal to my fiance… thats how my whole saving my self for marriage thing got messed up because we aren't even getting married anymore and I gave it to the wrong guy…) I really like him… Do they make a huge deal out of that? I know alot of mexican girls aren't virgin, but do they take you more serious if you plan to wait vs. giving it up to them? I really like this guy. I know arab guys have a HUGE problem with it… thats why i don't even talk to them anymore


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    Mexican guys I know didn't really seem to care too much but of course this doesn't speak for all. But it's up to you on how you feel. And if a guy doesn't want you because you're not a virgin, then so be it. Really if he truly loves you, it shouldn't matter so much. As long as you are std free I don't see why not being a virgin should be so much a factor.

    Yes it means a lot more to be a virgin but to me it shouldn't mean everything. And from stories I hear from my Mexican friends it seems girls and guys for sure lose their virginity earlier. I know a guy who said he was like 9 or 10. Now whether it's true or not idk. But I really do think it's true because of how he acts now.

    And I don't think it's so much to do with being Mexican but being Catholic as I hear many white Catholics trying to enforce the wait till marriage and well even many Christians. So mostly it's the whole religious deal, not so much culture. Which is why Arabs take it serious since they definitely take their religion serious. My sister worked for some and said they took the prayer serious which is probably why they hired her so nobody would have to give up or they would have to close for a while.

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    Before you agree down with anyone,i feel you will have to discover out what different varieties of men there are and what makes them tick.Then ,you're going to be capable to make a decision which kind of man is great for you.But then having mentioned that ,you probably have met anyone and you've got fallen in love with him or even misplaced your virginity to him,be certain that you're distinct that he feels the identical approximately you and that you just each desire the identical matters.Also,if he fairly is 'the only'you're going to be satisfied that he's the great factor considering the fact that slice bread and it wont even go your brain what different guys are like among the sheets.If you and your companion discover and test with unique matters that you just each accept as true with and are continuously looking for to fulfill one an extra,you're going to have the happiest and so much fulfilled courting,sexwise and different matters will comply with.

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    Don't listen to people on here, do what YOU want to do. Because face it, anything anybody says on here isn't going to be in your head the moment that time comes.

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    Let me show you a picture of how I feel:

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    everyone is different.

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