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why is medication not helping my insomnia?

i have really bad insomnia. i took sleep aid to help me fall asleep. its been an hour and a half and im exhausted but i cant fall asleep, i just keep tossing and turning. WHY????

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    Medication doesn't help everyone the same way. If you want to know more about natural alternative treatments for your insomnia, this is from an article that will help:

    "“Why can’t I sleep like a normal person?” My friend and co-worker asked me, while her yawn threatens to swallow me. “I am never tired at bedtime, I stay awake until 2am and I need 5 alarm clocks to wake me up in the morning. After work I fall to my bed until 4pm. It’s so frustrating, I want to sleep at night and be awake during the day!”

    If you have similar sleep problems, you are probably suffering from some sort of sleep disorder too. These disorders are called “Circadian Rhythms Sleep Disorders”.

    What’s Causing Your Sleep Disorder?

    Your body has an internal clock that tells it when it’s time to be awake and when it’s time to be asleep. This clock is located in your brain, just above an area from which the nerves travel to your eyes.

    This clock controls the circadian rhythms in your body, including your body temperature and many other daily cycle hormones. These circadian (circadian means 24 hours) rhythms make you feel alert or sleep at regular times every day. When you have a circadian sleep disorder, it causes you to feel sleepy during the day, when you are supposed to work and be active, and vice versa.

    In Comes Bright Light Therapy

    Among other factors, your body clock is affected by light exposure.

    You can re-set a clock that is off by being exposed to bright light. This is exactly what bright light therapy does for your sleep disorder...

    Read on at the source, hope it helps:)

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    Well, it appears like a couple of persons gave you a few satisfactory guidelines and I do not suppose I can best them for average experience and strategic ideas on what to do and the way to do it to go to sleep at night time. I simply have one very teensy addition. I do believe your discomfort and I have stated normally that sleep and me don't mesh good. I have had many disorders falling asleep in my beyond and I am nonetheless an excessively gentle sleeper. But what works for me, and that is handy to do and unfastened, is I pray. I am no longer a zealot, I don't pass to church however I do pray and I am telling you it not ever fails. If I am very frightened then I will specially ask for support with relieving the pressure however commonly, simply going via my prayers, and so they take many years to conclude, will entirely conk me out. Since I had been doing this, approximately two years now, I have no longer had a million night time of insomnia. It is only a idea for you, and I want you good fortune. It is terrible to not be ready to go to sleep.

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    I had the same problem for about a year, and I was also given pills to help me fall asleep. My mind was quite powerful and resistant, the mere fear of not being able to fall asleep was enough to help me withstand sleeping pills. They just made me extremely tired, but didn't make me sleep.

    This went on for about a week, but eventually my body got used to it and started giving in.

    After about a month I was able to take myself off the pills and sleep naturally (all I needed was to get rid of that fear).

    It's started to happen again, and I'm going to try the same thing. I hope all goes well for you. I know how hard it is. I'm still going through it.

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    Insomnia can be the result of a vitamin deficiency, actually having just a small vitamin deficiency can result in muscle tension as well as insomnia it may well be best if you go and see a doctor and have a test for any vitamin deficiency. Vitamin D can be a cause, Calcium Deficiency can cause a good number of things one being insomnia. Go to your doctor merely to be safe. Hope that can help.

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