What is really going on? HELP!!?

This is in regards to the question that i asked up here about do you think i could be pregnant well.. i went to the doctor on Friday the 22nd an ended up having a urine pregnancy test done an it came back Negative but for some reason i feel like i am now on that day it was only the 9th day after the intercourse date which was 6 13 12 my period had came on 6 6 12 an went off on 6 10 12 now the 13th was when we had sex an when he came he pulled out but put it back in with some *** still on him an he was still shooting inside me after he put it back in, also like last week sometime i squeezed my right nipple an some white cloudy discharge came out not sure what it is but here are my questions.. 1. Do you think it was too early for a positive result? 2. Does that negative result actually mean im not pregnant? 3. What could the discharge from my right nipple be? PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS


Thanks I will retest but i might just wait to see if i miss my period next month & im not on any birth control pills but today I have been feeling like i have to up chuck

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    1) Yes it was too early. A urine test needs to be taken about 3 weeks after intercourse for accurate results.

    2) No it was not accurate you need to retest 3 weeks after intercourse and with your first mornings urine.

    3) Sounds like colostrum (the stage before milk). Does not mean you are pregnant I have had it and not been pregnant. It could be from birth control pills, or even just higher hormone levels.

    Best of luck to you.

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