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How do you feel about underage drinking?

My friend was wasted, and she called me asking me to come over and drink, but I said no. So how do you feel about underage drinking? I'll be 21 in October.

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    I feel like it can good in ways. It is in ways i believe a good law in my opinion. There a whole bunch of underaged people in the US drink however and they just pretty much don't care as long as the law doesnt catch them. Plus I can agree that 21 is too long a wait for a person to legally drink so I'm guessing they're some maybe thinking "I'm gonna be 21 anyways, so why the hell should I wait?" I have nothing against them and I personally do not drink, I never had. One way I feel it is good is because a lot of high schoolers are immature nowadays (im not talking about all of them because there are some really mature people in high school but plenty of them are the opposite) and if you give them alcohol they could go berserk in ways I wouldn't want to explain, my opinion. In college, lots of people are more mature and they know better about when and where to drink and other stuff pertaining to that. They say that the human brain is not completely developed until I'd say 21 and I know alcohol can damage your brain cells, thats another good way I know. But personally it's whatever to me, I don't even drink alcohol and i have no intentions of ever starting it. You also hear so many bad things that happen that include alcohol than good things anyways like car crashes, fights, murders, all kinds of crap. So why should I even care about a law on something I seriously doubt I'll ever break? I don't plan on drinking even when I do turn 21. But to answer your question, in my point of view it has it's benefits.

    Source(s): I had friends that wanted me to drink too but I said no. My opinions are what gave me my answer to you
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    Here let us look at real world scenarios.

    Take one place that has a fairly low drinking age. This is to say just about any place that is not the USA

    Now take the USA and look at what they say underage drinking will cause.

    Has it caused that in the aforementioned nations that allow drinking to undergo said effects? No, it has not. Does this mean the laws are more or less absurd and thus should be looked at and reformed? Yeah it more or less does.

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    In most countries of the world (including the USA) there is no minimum drinking age. The US age limit of 21 is for the purchase and public possession of alcohol, not its consumption.

    I believe that children should start drinking at a very young age so that they get used to alcohol (as they have to get used to other foods and drinks). The stupidity of the US age restriction is amply demonstrated by the numbers who ignore it.

    Oh, and I started drinking (wine) at the age of 5. 65 years later I am still hale and hearty and still drinking.

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    I think the drinking laws are silly. Your friend got wasted cuz drinking is taboo for her and a big deal. Our country makes it a big deal, makes it seem exciting and grown up and that's why it gets abused by young people.

    If it wasn't illegal, if it wasn't so 'sexy bad', your friend would have stopped at a couple, knowing she could have it whenever she wanted. She wouldn't have binged all in 1 night.

    Humans have been drinking since before written history. America was built on people of all ages drinking ale and mead in the 18th and ealry 19th centuries. We are doing it wrong-- making it exciting and hard to come by for teenagers and young adults is stupid.

    Source(s): Edit: uh, but I should add: it's illegal, so you shouldn't do it. It's a (ridiculously) serious offense and the fines and penalties aren't worth the risk. Wait til it's legal.
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    in most countrys you would be legal cops wouldnt give two shits if you where 20 and drinking and think oh my god this guy is to young to drink. you only live once so drink all you want as long as you dont act like an idiot.

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    when you turn 21 will you then go. I dont know what the problem was if you are only 4 months away from being legal.

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    Kids shouldn't be drinking alcohol. But like others have said, it's hard to stop it. If the average teenager can score weed they can surely get their hands on booze.

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    I think people are going to do what they please,whether they should or not. I drank as a teenager,and had a fake id,it wasn't the right thing to do,but I did it anyway

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