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This ceritificae was filed pursuant of paragraph three of subdivision a of section 567-2.0, Adoption in NYC?

Has anyone here ever seen this small print on their birth certificate and does it mean you were adopted. How sure are you about the answer.




Yes H***** is does say that. It means I was adopted right?

Update 2:

I am aware of the Birth index, yes i was born in one of the 5 burroughs. I live about 6 hours away from NYC now though.

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    I'm sorry for the rude answer from the adopter . . . who's talking about another law entirely

    Does it say Paragraph three subdivision a of section 567-2.0 of NY Public Health Law

    If you were born in any of the Boroughs of NYC it is easy for you to look up your own birth and, find your original name and name of your mother and perhaps father. I can point you in that direction if it's something you'd like to do

    Take care

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    You asked the exact same question 4 days ago. Either you are trolling or you are looking for something that isn't there.

    Since you asked the same question again, I wil post the same response:

    No, it doesn't necessarily mean that the person was adopted. It could mean that the person was born to unwed parents who subsequently got married, or a name change, or parentage was adjudicated(established by the court) or the person was adopted. It could mean any of those things.

    All "pursuant to paragraph 3 of subdivision a of section...." means is that is where you will find the relevant statute regarding birth certificates and it was filed in accordance with that statute.

    Here is a link:

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