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Fantasy Baseball ?--Need a SP?

In a H2H League going forward rest of the season--Who would be the TOP 3 SPs outta this bunch & How would you rank'em in order of preference? I have an open roster spot & need to pick up a SP badly! Thanks in advance...

SPs = Ervin Santana, Jon Niese, Roy Oswalt, Jose Quintana, Eric Bedard, Francisco Liriano, Garrett Richards, Drew Smyly, Alex Cobb, & Dillion Gee?

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    1.Roy Oswalt-He'll have an ERA in the mid to low 3's, a good amount of strikeouts, and will get a ton of run support, so he'll get more wins.

    2.Ervin Santana-He's prone to giving up the long ball which will increase his ERA, but he can be dominant. I might sit him against tough match-ups.

    3.Francisco Liriano-As long as your league doesn't count walks, he's good. Now, he's been shaky this year, but since he entered the rotation after spending time in the bullpen, he's done pretty good.When he's on, he can be dominant.

    4.Jose Quintana-He has a good track record in the minors with a career ERA of 2.74 in the minors and 10 strikeouts per 9 innings.

    5.Garrett Jones-He's done good so far, but he won't rack up the strikeouts.

    6.Drew Smyly-He's had a few rough starts, but I think he'll get things together eventually.

    7.Alex Cobb-good pitcher, but not a strikeout pitcher. Will have an ERA somewhere around 3.

    8.Jon Niese-He can strikeout a ton, but he has a career 4.28 ERA. I don't think the strikeouts are worth that.But if you want to take the risk because of his strikeouts, I wouldn't start him against tough match-ups.

    9.Dillion Gee-Same as Niese. He has a high ERA, but can strikeout batters.

    10.Eric Bedard-He's not that good of pitcher

    Source(s): 2x Fantasy Baseball Champ(2010,2011)
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    in order top 3 is Oswalt (i mean come on hell always get run support) then Dillon Gee ( i just see the era and whip going down every start) and then Santana bc he gets good run support and has some good pitches

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