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Hunter bridles for around or under 150$?

Any recommendations or brands that are nice in that price range? Thanks

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    I personally love Smartpak bridles. I think the best bridle for under $150 would be the Harwich padded fancy stitch A couple people I know have them and they are great bridles and are amazing quality for the price. If you aren't feeling the Harwich, I would look at the Plymouth Elite Hunter bridle also by Smartpak. They are quite a bit cheaper, and therefore you sacrifice some quality. But overall they are good bridles.

    Also, if you buy from Smartpak they have amazing customer service. They offer free shipping. Also, they have a great return policy so if you don't like it, you can simply return it no questions asked and I believe they pay for shipping both ways. Wow, I feel like I'm being paid to advertise Smartpak, but I promise that is not the case :).

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    The Camelot Raised Fancy Stitch bridle from Smartpak is a great bridle. I use it on my horse, and I think is great for the price. It is around $60 I think. Also,I own a gorgeous M. Toulouse bridle that I bought off a lady or $75, but they usually are around $150. The leather quality is superb, and it is beautiful! I use it mainly for shows. I use my Camelot for every day riding because it is a little cheaper, and it can take a lot of wear! I love both of them though! Both of them are great bridles, but the M. Toulouse is a little more fancy. Look on Dover and Smartpak if you want to look around!

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    We frequently leave the halter on and it would not reason any issues as long because it fairly is mushy and the bridle suits wisely. you would be able to desire to be sure that the buckles on the bridle are not snagged someplace on the halter, pulling it down and exerted uncomfortable stress, yet different that that it fairly is nice. we regularly take our horses on long path rides and supply up at acquaintances ranches and tie the horses up, in those situations it fairly is suitable to have the halter to tie them with through fact in case you tie them by using the reins and that they pull, they are in a position to tug the bit out of their mouth and below their chin and harm them (it is not a exciting adventure). All in all it fairly is nice.

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    I bought a beautfiul hunter show bridle at Smart Pak ( It was $89.00 and very good quality. Free shipping too!

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    saw a few recently

    Check Dover, Stateline Tack or schneiders (

    Can't remember where website had a nice one, for about $150 (Courbet brand?, sic)

    I was looking for something else

  • These brands: mondega, Santa Cruz, crown

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