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How do I know if my Sunburst Platy Is pregnant?

I know its a girl. She looks fatter from the first time I got her. I cant see any black spots near her Back area so I don't know if she is or not.There is a guy Platy in the tank too. Another thing is I have two molly's. A guy and a girl. The girl is a cremecicle lyretail molly and the guy always chases her and like nips/sniffs her button area. So what is he doing?? Does he want to mate with her or what??? Any help would be appreciated!!! :)


My bad, I meant butt.

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    When you see a white spot appear near her butt, she is about to give birth. This is the birthing tube opening to allow babies to come out. I would suggested getting a breeder box or net to keep the fry in as the other adult fish in the tank will eat the babies.

    Source(s): I breed guppies and platies.
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    even with a male platy in their the female is most likely already pregnant because platys (along with mollys and guppies) are livebearers and most likely she got pregant at the store as they can store sperm for 5-6 batches of fry. and with males in the tank their should 3 females so they will be able to rest from being chased from the male and if you dont want alot of fry get a dwarf gourmai cause they are great at catching fry.

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