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Im scared i'll hurt my girlfriend first time we have sex?

Ok so me and my girlfriend have been together over a year now and we plan to have sex in a month or so. We are the legal age to (just so people dont need to ask)

I've fingered her and my fingers aren't that big and I can fit them all the way in and my penis is about 2-3 inches bigger than my fingers. Will this matter when it comes round to doing it for real.

Any advice would be helpful.

15 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.


No-one answered so I reposted.

Update 2:

auftritt -im 18 you fag.

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    Just take it slow, and make sure she's relaxed. Make sure you communicate and if she looks uncomfortable then stop. It would hurt her less of her hymen's already been broken, which is a possibility. Just take it slow and you'll be fine!

  • 9 years ago

    The fact that you asked this question proves that you are too young for sex.

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