Is God really as kind as christians say?why is there so much injustice in the world?

people starving to death,children dying,wars,good people suffering,etc...

Can you please help me understad?

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    Christians are notorious for painting God in the most attractive human light. God as revealed in scripture is indeed loving.. but also just, perfectly righteous and unyielding in all His attributes.

    So we find that Christ comes to save sinners by his death.. but sometime before doing so he mentions a contemporary tragedy that took the life of dozens, then tells the crowd that unless they repent, they will all likewise perish. He stretched forth his hands upon the cross to save thieves, and a week before made a whip to drive them out of the temple while overturning their tables.

    Also, it is worth mentioning that your question is wholly subjective. Why not ask why there is so much good in the world? You are expressing a mere sentiment.

    EDIT: I thought I might add a few thoughts since my answer seemed so truncated and cold. I certainly didn't mean for it to sound so lifeless. Even if your question is subjective sentiment, it is a sentiment that many people share all the time, and everyone shares at least some of the time.

    Why is there evil in a universe created by an all good, all knowing and all powerful God? To me, faith has been far more about trusting in God's goodness than his existence. God's existence seems obvious to me... His goodness sometimes less so. And apparently you are of the same mindset. The orthodox Christian explanations of the paradox are none of them wholly satisfying, either to my intellect or my emotions. But since my mind and soul have been wrong about so many other things, and the Churches doctrines so right about the world in comparison, I take the explanations offered on faith... almost like a child would accept what his mother tells him because he has come to trust her as a truth telling person who loves him.

    Of the many explanations Christian faith offers, I have already hinted at one... specifically, that God is the standard for goodness, and our sense of goodness is warped and limited. And since we cannot see the ends from the beginning, as God can, we mistakenly take his dealings with humanity to be something less than loving. But we cannot know what love is without God being the exact standard of such virtue. We are in a catch 22. If we see the tragedies in the world and reject God's goodness, then we are left with no standard whatsoever to judge such things.

    But the explanation that has most effected me over the years points to a paradox of a different sort when it comes to pain and suffering vs the Character of God. God's goodness is not like an afternoon at an amusement park, full of the pleasures of thrills without risk. Although we say glibly that God is all powerful, this does not mean that God can violate his own character by virtue of that power. In other words, not even God can actualize a contradiction... for contradictions are lies, and God cannot lie. Of course this is no limitation on God, it limits us, for we lie all the time. But the really interesting thing is this, goodness and virtue are universally held by mankind to be things that exist in their greatest and highest forms in the presence of pain and suffering. In fact, the highest order virtues would be unknown (and meaningless) without the possibility and eventual actualization of pain and suffering.

    Would courage having any expression without danger? Would sacrifice and charity have any value in a world without want and need? And of course could forgiveness and reconciliation be known at all in a world where there is no transgression and real harm?

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    Well, first off, the "god" of this world is Satan, go ask him. We live on a cursed planet , so what do you expect? I can find in scripture that The Almighty is righteous, and just, but I don't find anywhere that says He is "nice". Besides, what do "christians" really know? They worship in a false pagan religion, to a false name torahless messiah and don't call on the name of The Most High, just by subtitles. The Messiah never came to make a "new" religion, and if you took the time to actually study scripture, The Most Highs definition of righteous good folks is different than ours today. Ya see, He NEVER changes, so when they say the Old Testament doesn't mean anything anymore, they are wrong-dead wrong, and liars. Another thing, what do you know about these "good people", and these folks thar are starving? Do they worship The One True Living One of Israel, or are they worshiping false "gods", and their cattle, which they refuse to eat, because it might be their dead relative?What about all these "humane" rich folks in sports, and entertainment, that cry out for these "worthy" causes, yet they have money for millionss of dollar homes, and exotic vacations? Where's the "love?" The world is under judgement, and most don't have a clue. We cry for the starving, and in this country alone murder how many babies a year??? Coruption in all levels of government, approve immoral sexual conduct, and then stand out in the street crying- where are you God? Get a clue- we're going down, this nation's "god" is money, and He is going to use that to destroy this nation. Sodom and Gohmorra is what we really deserve, I praise Him for mercy, and compassion to give us time to repent. The devils job is to "steal, kill, and destroy", and it sure looks like he is doing that very well. Ya see, The Most High loves us so much, He gives us the freedom to choose, good, or evil. The sins of the father can come up through the generations 3 or 4 generations, so, again, we have the freedom to choose, follow Him, or the devil, that IS why bad things happen to "good people", they are on the wrong path.

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    That is a very common question but it's normal to ask. In the bible it says god also has 7 days (each day consist of billions and trillions of years) the first 6 days god was creating the earth, the 7th (the day the earth was finished being created till now) god is just taking a break. Now since god is relaxing now satan has taken over earth causing the pain and agony in life since earth is actually where Satan lives. When the 8th day is reached god will send jesus and his 144000 men to battle with Satan (this process is armegedon) thus wiping out all bad and damage Satan and his demons have done to earth and the people in it. Revelations 21:3,4 will help with what i am trying to explain :-)

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    I believe that the predominant factor to don't forget about the bible is that it gives certainly no hint as to how magnanimous the universe in reality is, it means that the earth is flat and that what we now understand as cloud cover and the sides of our atmosphere used to be identified as heaven and the situation the place god lives (an affordable assumption from a naked visible point of view with out the knowledge that we have now concerning the universe). Can you interpret "heaven" as which means the complete universe?, sure you can. Which you could interpret Moby Dick as representing the Republic of ireland, that doesn't make it authentic. While you learn the bible objectively, it's not tough to peer that it was written by primitive folks with a primitive viewpoint, no longer an all-powerful god. Natty, the universe began out small and it is consistently increasing, that's the current scientific view (with a lot proof to aid it) Imposter Lime Kitteh! You aren't fit to wear the lime helmet, give up it immediately! Undergo, don't seem to be you the identical man that wrote me the touchy feely message awhile back about how we must ALL get alongside with out insulting each and every different, considering I instructed certainly one of your friends to discontinue being an @hole?

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    Because it's people that are evil and people that cause the injustices. That was not God's doing, but people's. Because of one person's choices, say, a person murdering someone, the person murdered is obviously dead. That does not just affect the person who was killed, but also the friends, family, etc. The community that was around the person. Do you get what I'm saying? The actions of one person have the potential of affecting others, and it spreads outwards whether it be negative or positive. War, poverty, etc. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it good enough, but I hope you can at least partly get it. I suck at explaining. x.x

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    God is waiting for us to be spiritual. We are to make the world better. God's work was creation. The power once was ours, but long ago, we took this for granted, or whatever it was.

    Now, only very slowly do we gain any power back. But we can. This power is actually the force that makes the world more like Heaven and it occurs by being spiritual on your own in your life and your mind.

    It takes time

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    Billions of years ago, before Lucifer got kicked out of heaven, he approached YHWH and told Him that he could destroy HIS creation. This is why there are starving people, children dying, everyone dying, wars and people suffering.

    YHWH told satan 'go ahead and do what you are going to do, but you have a certain amount of time to accomplish it. satan has yet to accomplish his challenge to YHWH because there are people who still believe, love and trust in YHWH.

    This is why Christ teaches us to keep our eyes on the Kingdom of GOD and not on what is happening on earth. The earth will be destroyed, but not by GOD. The earth will destroy itself.

    The people who have died have all gone to GOD, and they are living happily now, free from the stress of their life. It is us who remain here, who continue to be persecuted, and suffer. Be happy for those who have returned to GOD.

    Hope this helps

    GOD Bless

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    Some people need to be comforted from all the evil and sadness in the world.

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    only delusional christians think god loves us.

    Westboro baptist church clearly has it right.


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