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I'm having some type of personality crisis right now?

WARNING THIS MAY BE LONG BUT IF YOU'RE A CARING AND/OR BORED PERSON PLEASE READ! I'm very confused. I'm 16, I'll be a junior in high school after this summer. I was looking through some old pictures and notes and things that I wrote to my friends from back in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. And I started to wonder, "When did I change?" Not my whole personality, just things like how I dressed and acted and what things I was interested in changed alot. In 7th grade I was going through this little "emo" phase. I only dressed in black and skulls and I listened to screamo and honestly I didn't even like screamo, I just thought that if Im going to dress like that I should listen to that music as well. I knew that wasn't me and what I like because it didn't feel right. I also thought that the most attractive guys were the ones that wore eyeliner and had black hair hanging in their face and wore the most skinniest skinny jeans ever.

Then in 8th grade it was pretty much the same thing but I did start to not dress as dark. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just felt like it wasn't who I wanted to be. In 9th grade I went through my "hippie" phase when I became vegan and dressed all brightly with flowers and what not and was all into peace and love and all that. All I listened to was Never Shout Never and their songs about peace and freedom.

And now it's just so strange because I'm not like anything that I described up there anymore. I dress differently now like neutral colors and girlier things. I drink coffee now, I used to hate coffee. Instead of hard rock music I now listen to Broadway musical soundtracks and indie music. My taste in guys has greatly changed. No more eyeliner. No more black hair and skinny jeans. I sure don't like surfer guys and jocky type guys though.

I guess the things I know absoluetly for certain is that I've always loved art. It's my passion and I want to be an illustrator more than anything in the world. I've always had a super high level of respect for myself. I have a very sarcastic type of sense of humor. And I'm very negative. I'm worried that if I become more positive I'll be changing who I am and not be able to be funny in the way that I am anymore and like I'll lose myself.

So my two main questions are :

1) As you get older, do you grow and change? Like not your whole personality but your interests and things? Is it normal to dress and act differently as you go through your life? Because I know people dont stay the same forever. But it's just confusing for me because I didnt realize how much I changed and I just want to make sure that this is truely who I am. It's not like Im forcing myself to like things that I dont. I'm just confused.

2)Will becoming a more positive person change me? My personality and sense of humor and things?


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    It is TOTALLY normal to change when you're a teenager. You will go through different phases and have different interests. You're finding out who you are, and this takes time (and patience!) I don't see anything wrong with what you posted. Change is the hallmark of being a teenager! I don't see what you're saying as a personality "crisis", it sounds more to me like you're simply evolving. You're turning into an adult.

    Honestly, you sound pretty well-grounded to me. I'd just say follow your interests and try to be happy. If your interests change, don't worry.

    FWIW I changed a lot too when I was a teenager, too. I turned out OK :)

    IMHO it's always good to try to be positive...I think being negative is a little depressing. But that's just me. I think you can be generally positive about life and yet also make negative, sarcastic jokes.

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    Im sorry, I did NOT read all of that. But I know what youre saying. I'm gonna be a senior in high school after thissummer. (and your junior year will go by so fast get your homework done and stay on track PLEASE when you're older you'll wish you did) anywayss, I've done something like that. Look through old things and see how I've grown and progressed. Yes it is normal to change over time, most of the time it is for the better . That happens as you get older , you don't usually notice it, it just happens. You get older so some things are more important some things are less important you hang with different people and some of your friends personalities rub off on you. It's normal. Stay with God, he'll help you be unconfused , try not to overthink it, because thats what I do . It's hard to fathom because it all happens so fast . It's crazy right? And times change so not everything is the same . Hope I helped

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    It's totally normal. Growing up is a journey to find out who you are and what you like. How can you know what you like and don't like unless you try it? That doesn't got for everything of course.

    The key is to not let what you like define you. Teenagers and pre-teens have trouble doing this because you guys don't know WHAT to be. I'm not saying this negativity, just that you are young so you don't have enough life experience yet. So you choose personas. Like you said, you dressed in dark colours and jumped right into thinking 'well I guess I must be emo'. You listened to screamo because you thought that's what you should do.

    By the time you're in your 20s, you will have tried tons of things. Your personality will no longer defined by scenes or categories. You'll just know what you like and don't like and that will be the person you are.

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    I can sum life up in three words: it goes on. It is unbelievable how many times most people change in their lives.

    If something makes you tense or nervous, "don't do it"! Every right decision I have ever made felt comfortable. Trust your intuition, somehow deep inside you already know what you truly want to become.

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