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Why does my cat have brown flakes on her back spot and why does a reddish color come off of her fur there?

I think she has fleas, but I dont know why the fur would be dark brown almost a red color when I clean the area. I cut off the fur to expose the area and clean it as best I could with soap and the paper towel had a brown reddish color on it. Shes not bleeding. Im going to the shore tomorrow and I want to take care of it ASAP. Um, I use apple cider vinegar to clean a lot and I'm pretty sure that'll take care of most of it. Will it? I have three other cats I have to worry about now too. But I feel like they are fine. She doesn't show symptoms like itching but when I was cleaning her she was biting whatever she could reach. Do you think it'll be okay to shave the area and give her a quick bath in the morning? Thanks in advance. Oh and will my house be okay? I'm not a germaphobe but I dont want parasites in my sheets and bed and carpet. Thank you!


I didnt use vinegar yet. It was that color originally. The flakes are only under a brown spot she has so maybe the color is coming from the fur but I don't see why. She is a turkish van. I know that doesnt matter but hey.

Update 2:

Uh excuse you. We adopt cats not buy them from chains. And no I don't see fleas, only their 'flea feces'. And I'm worried about her and my other cats and my home and I just noticed this 15 minutes ago so clearly I don't have Advantage right now. My other three cats got a flea shot not that long ago, but not her. Will they still get the fleas with the shot or no?

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    It sounds like she is very itchy: cats bite when they itch. The fur is reddish from saliva, and if its coming off on your cleaning cloth, its blood. Flea poop is blood, so when you clean it it will look that color. Vinegar is not a good idea, it won't work and it is acidic, not really good for the cat. You need to use advantage or frontline or revolution monthly to treat her for fleas.

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    You don't need to shave her, but keep her away from the other cats so if she has fleas she's not spreading them.

    If you used apple cider vinegar to clean her That is why the towel was brown/red. That kind of vinegar is a brownish red color.

    Why do you think she has fleas? Was there a discoloration Before you used the vinegar? It's not really a symptom of fleas. Could she have gotten into something? Maybe give her a regular bath and then see if she's still flaking/discolored

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    Flea poop. Same thing happened with my poor baby. Professional flea bath at the vets! Flea shots, and have the house fumigated. Fleas are extremely tiny and don't drink just any blood you know. Your blood may not be attractive to them if you haven't been bitten. Also, fleas will always come to your cats if they dont have shots for them. Anytime you leave the house to go somewhere, a flea with jump on you (not saying this will be ALL the time lol) and ride you home to your kitty.

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    Easy. Fleas eat blood. So when they poop, their poop is red. It's called "flea dirt".

    What do you mean you "think she has fleas"? Don't you see fleas on her? And if you "think" she has fleas why haven't you put her on Advantage, Frontline or Revolution? Surely someone that could afford the MINIMUM $1,200 to buy a Turkish Van can afford to put their cat on flea meds?

    If your one cat has fleas, so do the others. Get them ALL on meds. Sad you only seem worried about YOU having "parasites in my sheets" and not about your poor cat. Fleas can make a cat anemic and can also give them tapeworm if they ingest a flea with a larvae in it.

    edit: buy cats from chains? WTF are you talking about? If you adopted this cat it isn't a Turkish Van no matter how much you want it to be. But that's irrelevant. Get your poor cat on flea meds. If you're seeing flea dirt um where do you think it came from??? FLEAS. You may not see them on the cats at all times since they don't live on cats they live in your rugs, bedding, etc. They hop on to feed. LOL at your attitude when you came on here because you didn't know!

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