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Is being a Christian in Japan strange?

Im a mexican Christian that wants to pursue in English teaching in Japan, I always found it interesting. Not to mention how the culture and society is in Japan, which is the reason why I want to go and live in Japan. I know that only 1% of the Japanese are Christians, I just want to live in Japan worshiping my god. Also some minor question I may ask. Are there some good Christian churches that I can find and also if I wear a cross am I gonna be question about my religion or are they just gonna assume its just a fashion line?

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    There are few Christians among Japanese. But most Japanese know that many foreigners are ones. So it's not strange to be a Christian in Japan.

    There are many churches in Japan.

    Well, there is no reason for Japanese to question your religion except for curiosity. Why are you worrying about it?

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    You really should read more about the history of Japan. Christianity has been in Japan since the Portuguese introduced it to the Japanese in the 16th century (1543 to be exact) - that's more than 450 years ago and about the same time the Spaniards were converting your ancestors in Central America.

    The Japanese don't care one way or another about your religion. Religion in Japan and Asian in general is a personal thing and unless you bring up the subject, no one is going to ask. There are churches and church groups in Japan. BTW: A "church" means a Christian place of worship. There is no other kind of churches.

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    Strange? Depends on who you ask. I find it particularly strange. Supposedly everything made by a god, (that's pretty powerful mojo), who then sent his son by not having sex with a woman, (bet that Joseph guy had a low IQ), but in spite of all these powers will simply toss you into eternal torture if you don't buy into these things. And little boys who burn ants with magnifying glasses or even graduate to cats and dogs need help? Some of the Christians believe in a type where even those born BEFORE the son and never even got a chance to hear about him get the torture treatment. I know people who believe stuff like this. So, yes, Christianity is strange anywhere, Japan included. Are you a snake handling Christian type? Speaking in tongues, dancing in the spirit type? Those are both especially strange. Never even HEARD of these types in Japan, so if you are looking for that, yeah, Christianity in Japan and finding a good church that let's you worship 'your god' might be hard. They've got the type that like to go and ring doorbells if that floats your boat.

    Wearing a cross won't get you cross-examined though. There's a Canadian I think, Travalar (sic) that may be able to help with churches. He's supposedly a really good singer.

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    There are few Japanese Christians to be sure, but some of those few have been very influential people such as Shusaku Endo and Uchimura Kanzo. Therefore it is not strange to be a Christian in Japan. There are churches all over Japan.

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    Nobody is pushing their religion or yours in Japan, so you will find it is quite free. Even in smaller cities you can often find at least one church. Now, it might not be the type of church that you normally attend, but you would be more than welcome there. And nobody cares if you wear a crucifix or not. If you insist on a mass in English though, then you are pushing it. Only a few in bigger cities have such.

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    There are churches there, but just right luck discovering them. After I go to Japan, screw that, i am now not looking for a church, i am looking to soak in neighborhood taste. Extra of the identical would not be a vacation.

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    Christianity is fishy in Japan. The USA goes to war like every year and is a Christian country all the same.

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    It's uncommon but it's not strange unless you're knocking on people's doors spreading "the word"

  • Anonymous
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    Oh not really. As far as I can tell it isn't as funny as Jesus Christ trying to offer a bunch of fatty burritoes and chilling margarita to the starved.

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