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Is the Atkins Diet the way to go? Is it a good diet to follow? And for lifetime? Or just a boost?

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    The Atkins diet is a fine way to lose some weight fast. It is a good diet to follow on a TEMPORARY basis. You could follow it for a lifetime but that would be ill-advised. Sugar, especially from fruit is fine in moderation. The main reason the Atkins diet works is because it says to limit carbs, and guess what flour, corn, soy, and sugar are? Carbs.

    You'll be fine eating a 45/25/30 fat protein carb split long term.

    For loosing weight fast though, the Atkins diet can work wonders if you follow it correctly. Which is 60-65% fat 30% protein 5-10% carbs. It's not necessary long term for most people though.

    Source(s): Robert Lustig
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    For some people, Atkins is a great diet, and for others it's horrible. It depends on your body and what type of food does best for you.

    For me, eating a diet very high in protein and low in carbs works really well, but I don't cut carbs entirely (I keep pasta.) Also make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and fruit with your meat. If the diet makes you feel weak or sick, stop it. If you feel really good, then it might be for you.

    Before you make it a lifetime commitment though, you'll want to be sure you're getting all the nutrients you need, just like someone on a vegetarian diet needs to.

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    It should be a lifetime commitment, but don't forget to eat fruits and especially vegetables although they are not really specified for the Atkins diet. Also try to make sure your protein and fat sources come from quality meats and oils. If you go off of the diet, then you will regress to your former self. Grains and fructose are the cause of most of the health problems in the US, so the Atkins diet is a good way to go to escape these terrors.

    Try to aim for 50/25/25 approximately for good health (fat/protein/carbs)

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    Actually it is very very bad for u.

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