I have an urgent question!?

Sorry, but this is gonna be long but I'd really appreciate if you read and answered it!

Okay, so my parents recently divorced and the currently live a really, i mean really close, not the most ideal setup, but it's nice for when me and my younger sister are switching houses and we forgot something. So I'm an athlete, a gymnast, and my sister is a horseback rider. We both currently train at average lackluster gyms or whatever you want to call them. A ranch I guess, but we both have big hopes for our careers, and our current training regimen won't cut it. So there is this really awesome gymnastics academy and horse farm in the same cute little town my sister, dad and I all love. I originally came up with the idea of moving there, it's around 40 minutes from our current town and a manageable distance from my dads work. If we were to move(which I really want to!) it would be best to be by the end of the summer so we didn't have to switch schools in the middle of the year. That's why I need to figure this out fast!

My mother lives with her boyfriend who both have no desire to move, unlike my father and I. It's not that I want to get away from my mom, I love her! And that's the problem! Where I want to move is not out of the state, but my parents still have joint custody, which causes other problems. My mother wouldn't be able to Cary us around to practice every day after school when it's so far away, and school couldn't be different every week from going back and forth! So how do we manage it!? I really want to move and need to for my career as a gymnast, but I do. Want to not see my mom! It's really complicated and urgent and I need to have a Plan soon! Any advice and suggestions would be a a HUGE help! Thank you for reading and sorry that it's so long!

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  • 9 years ago
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    well, for a long time my parents had joint custody of my older brother and I, my Father Lives in Upper Michigan, my mom lives in South Central Nebraska, we went and spent summers with my dad but lived with my mom, maybe that could help. I'm sure being 40 minutes away is easier to figure something out then figure for a 20 hour car trip.

    hope I've helped some, just remember both your parents love you.

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    9 years ago

    I don’t know how to hep exactly but if you speak to both of you parents at the same time and tell them what you won’t to do for you and your sister. If your dead set on doing this for your careers they might come to an agreement.

    Good luck

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