Okay so yesterday i was on video chat with my crush and his friends and my om comes in telling my crush i liked him and stuff and asking if he liked me. and he said " m'am with all do respect, i just got out if a relationship . ' and his friends were laughing. and i was yelling at my mom to get out. and she was like "we'll you should like my daughter " then she was saying really bizarre stuff that was so embarassing i had to yell at her. ( and the thing that made me mad was that he said he just got out a relationship.. he didnt.... maybe a month ago... and it pisses me off how he acts like he likes me all the time...he even tried to kiss me at his house... so wtf? ) so i was upset. and he was like " hey put your mom back on i wanna talk to her..." and i was like " nooo" and he said something that sounded harsh so i just said i had to go and got off. Then the next day i wake up to a text of him saying " your moms so cute ;*" and i was like " ahahah yeah if you say so" and he quoted my mom and said " you should like my daughter ;*" and i was like " ahahah shes always doing stuff like that... she loves to lol" then that was it.. He never texted me back or anything. he knew i like him before by the way. when my mom said that he said i know she likes me. but if he doesnt like me then why doesnt he leave me alone. and he cares whenever i talk to other guys. like seriously? im 16 he is 17.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Moms can be embarrassing, trust me. I know.

    He might not have responded because he got busy. Secondly, you need to lay it out for him. In black and white. "I LIKE YOU. If you like me, then give me a chance. I know that you got out of a relationship a while back, but you can't stay single forever." Then flat out ask him, "DO YOU LIKE ME?" Don't beat around the bush with him. If he doesn't like you as more than a friend, move on. Find a guy who does like you. I landed my boyfriend the same way. I was up front with him and honest and here we are 2 years later. :) Good luck, and remember there are plenty of fish in the sea ;)

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