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My parents want to talk to my friend?

I am 15 and he is 18.

He is only a friend. We decided to go to a party together [there will be drinking and my parents know that]. But i will also bring my girl friend along just in case. So all three of us will be going to his friend's party. And instead of lying to my parents, like an average teen, i decided to tell them and ask them politely. They will let me go if they talk to the guy and they like him. They want to talk to him alone. That scares me, but they will only talk about keeping us safe and what not. He is a totally sweet guy, so he is not the type to get in your pants. I've known him for a while, so i know and pelase dont doubt that.

I havent told him that my parents want to talk to him, and i am going to tell him today.

But i am nervouse as ****!

Do you think he will talk to them?

And how do i prep him for it?

Thank you so much!!

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    They should talk to him and I'm glad you respect yourself and your parents enough to be honest.

    He is an adult and he's hanging out with a child. I realize you say you are friends...but this is a very tricky situation. Your parents are well aware of this and this guy should be too.

    Honey, if he got in your pants, he would be in jail. In fact, if he was dating you right now, he would be breaking the law because you are a minor and he is an adult. He would have to live with the label "sexual predator/pedophile" on job applications, college applications and wherever he decides to live for the rest of his life. That is why your present relationship with him...even though you are so tricky and your parents need to be very careful with this situation.

    Why on earth do you think you need to "prep" an adult to speak with other adults? He's 18 and legal. He's been alive a bit longer than you and talked to more adults than you. I'm sure he can handle himself and figure it out. He doesn't need your help.

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    Just let him know nice and simple, apologize and crack a couple lighthearted jokes about how annoying your parents are. Be thankful that your parents are even letting him go at all-- three years is a pretty big age difference, it's okay for them to be a bit leary.

    Now, the key to this whole thing is making sure your friend acts comfortable around them. He should act calm and comfortable around them. If he's biting his fingernails and looking away from them, they'll think they have a sexual predator on their hands lol...

    So, overall, just make sure he's friendly to them and things should work out just fine.

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    I had mother and father like this and there was once not anything I would do to difference their approaches. I was once now not allowed so far, move to events, do any physical games/hobbies that they had now not permitted, move to dances, have peers over and even though I was once a directly A pupil, I was once grounded at all times. I needed to stick it out till the day I grew to become 18 and graduated top university. After commencement I went residence, packed my matters and left. After they learned that I left, they requested why and simplest then had been they inclined to pay attention. By that point the harm to our courting was once performed, so I didn't transfer again residence once more. Your buddy can check out speaking, letters, and so on. but when her humans are something like mine, it wont do any well.

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    Let him talk to your parents. If you want to give him pointers then tell him to be himself since you say he's a sweet guy.

    Be safe and good luck.

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    Hard to believe they care if they are allowing you to go to a party where there is drinking. I wonder what they are really worried about.

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