how can i tell if i fractured my shin?

i hit the foot peg of my dirt bike really hard into my shin and you could see the bone. I went to the hospital and they stitched it back up but now 7 hours later its incredibly painful to walk on. im obviously gonna get an ex ray but i just wanted to know in advance

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    You can pull off your foot.

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    4 years ago

    we've those issues talked approximately as medical doctors. they in lots of circumstances use issues talked approximately as Hospitals. in lots of circumstances Hospitals have Radiographers. Radiographers use a device to make X Rays. X rays take photos of the dense bone throughout the time of the gentle tissue. those X rays are then placed on a delicate field. The wellness care professional/Radiographer will then use those issues talked approximately as eyes. those eyes are used to look for fractures in the bone. it is destructive to this undertaking we've talked approximately as internet. internet facilitates human beings to pose questions which could't a threat be responded without actual inspection. internet additionally facilitates idiots to submit critiques ill counseled on although if the poster has a fracture or not. internet does not require a licence to apply. according to hazard it may.

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