Plz Let me figure out what ismy backup time problem i am in real need.!?

I have a laptop its battery's capacity is 53watt, 11.1 volts 4800ma. It use to run for 180-150minutes when it was new. I don't know its wattage while not charging plz let me know if you could find it.

and its charger is 19.5volts 3.34amps

ups output 220volts 1.5A

its new battery is 7ah 12volts=84watt

i used this laptop on this ups it is running for 50 minutes only(its inbuilt battery is dead) when it should run for at least 3hours why?

is ups dissipating more current?i came to know that 200va ups needs additional 5watts to give 20watts. So is this the case?

or what is my problem

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    The storage of laptop battery was 53Wh and as you could run for 150min with it .Hence power consumption laptop is 21W.With new ups with 84Ws storage capacity ,you should have been able to run for about 4 hours.You may require max 10 % more power and 5 watts wastage for useful 20 W is is very high.I think ,the battery of the ups is not getting fully charged as the new battery stores up to 50% more energy than expected.

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