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me and my boyfriend have been fighting a lot?

my boyfriends 15 and so am i and we have dated 3 other times but now we have been dating little over a month and we were all fine then this past week it hasnt been so good. me and my bf fight all the time he tells my bestfriend a whole bunch of stuff behind my back like she told him that i didnt like this one whore he hangs out with and he freaked out ands like she can have a ***** fit im hanging out with her if i want and crap. and we fight all the time like one night he didnt talk to me at all just my older brother and so i got pissed and left and all he does is appoligize for not talking to me. then he hangs out with this whore more than me and he says i hide things on my phone when i dont because he goes thro my phone alllll the time and its getting really annoying. and he barley texts me and hangs out with this girl more than me. and when we are together either were fine or we dont talk becuase we will just sit there fighting what should i do? and he already knows i dont like the whore he hangs out with.

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    Sounds like he's not a very good boyfriend. If he was a real man he should grow up and grab you by the arm an tell you ''im sorry'' and ''I love you''. He shouldn't be going through your phone, invading your privacy like that. And hes hanging out with another girl more then you? It's definatley time to let him go. Dont be an idiot and say ''but I love him''. No, you need to be a woman and end it or SOMEHOW work it out.

  • 9 years ago

    You should just drop him imo. Move on!

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