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What did ancient egyptians look like?

Specifically around 1000 BC before Greek, Roman, and Arab colonization.

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    There were two kinds. One kind always had their heads turned in one direction or the other, had an eye on the side of the head, torso fully perpendicular to your line of site, feet turned in the same direction as the head. Or sometimes they had both eyes in front, and if that was the case they almost always had one foot forward of the other, straight posture with the shoulders, chest and head held up, and the arms would be straight down (maybe an ancient foreshadowing of Irish dancing, except for the flat feet).

    Seriously, they were probably a blend of any populations that came there to look for work and settle down. That was the happening place of the time. Maybe the original founders were North African Mediterraneans (Hammites) with participation from neighboring Africans as opportunity arose, then absorbing Hyksos and other Mesopotamian contributions, then Sea People contributions, then others.

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    This is answer that was given by an Egyptian on a forum years ago.

    His answer says it all about the look of ancient Egyptians before the Greek, Roman and Arab colonization.

    Foreigners like Americans and Europeans also have an eschewed sense of Egyptian phenotype due to the less migration of more elite Egyptians compared to more poor Egyptians who have a more African phenotype. This accounts for confusing remarks made about the ethnicity of the modern and ancient Egyptians.


    So here are some generally terms for Egypt and Egyptians:

    a) Sa3eadi people: Generally less mixed than Cairene or Bohary Egyptians. Generally these people possess more phenotypes closer to Africans. Although some in Middle Egypt are more mixed, and the further south you go into Egypt particularly around Luxor/Aswan the darker the people become and more African features.

    b) Balady: Typically rural Egyptians from the Delta and Upper Egypt that have recently moved into the Egyptian city. Many of these people are confined to urban slums very comparable to ghettoes in America and Europe. Typically more ''mulatto'' in appearance than the typical Egyptian. Elite or sell out Egyptians look down upon them as stupid and dirty.

    c) Bohary: Typically a term for a person from Lower Egypt or the Delta. Although this region is not devoid of Africoid people, the majority looks more Mediterranean, but occasionally there is a deviation within the population. Some even look like lighter skinned African Americans. Some mixing with Arabs has occurred, and prior to this some mixture with Semites via Palestine.

    d) Fellahin: refers generally to farmers in the Delta but also includes farming communities from Beni Suef to Suhaj in Middle Egypt. Generally purer than the city dwellers in Egypt. Both Christians and Muslim populations are identical in appearance.

    Let me also say that there is historical documentation of intermingling with Greeks, Jews and Syrian populations from Greco-Roman times down to Christian times in Egypt. Some areas in the north like Alexandria had larger populations than the indigenous Egyptian populations, and so you can tell that northern Egyptians probably absorbed lots of foreign admixture.

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    The same as today. Just look at paintings in the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

  • Dark Caucasians.

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    They look much like modern Copts who are "gins pharoony" the pharaonic race.

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