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I'm getting 2 shetlands and i have no idea how to care for them?

so I'm getting 2 shetlands and they are sisters and i have never had a horse before and no one from my family know about horses and i would like some help on like what to feed them and how to care for them yea so please help me also when i buy a horse do we go and see the horse before we buy the horse

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    Please re-submit your question in the Horses section, so you can get some knowledgeable answers. Shetlands are small, but they're a lot bigger than any rodent I want to meet! I could answer your question but I don't have time now. You'll get lots of good answers in the horse section.

    @ the TDer - What on earth about my answer was worthy of a TD? The question about ponies was posted in the rodents section so I advised the horse section would be a better choice. I wasn't rude or mean and I didn't make a stupid recommendation like getting them a really big wheel to run in. (But now that I thought of it, it would make a cute trick to teach...)

    This answer is much more involved than I can give now, because I'm moving and I am trying to take care of a tiny baby bird I found on the ground. If it's still open in a couple days I'll tackle it.

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    First, I might like to mention that you're highly courageous to tackle an animal that's so overseas to you. Kudos for saving him! Horse hair will continuously develop again, so do not be afraid to reduce it too quick. Shetlands have quite thick, hairy little coats, so should you can not decide on out the stickers and brush him gentle then you can need to trim him down. You can shave the mane utterly off with out hurting him, however the tail does have a bone in it so simply be definite you simplest reduce hair while trimming the tail. Lots of humans trim their horse's fur, so it's not irregular to take a few scissors and blank up the hair round his legs and to reduce out tangles within the mane/tail. Horses and puppies have plenty in usual. Some are greater at taking baths than others. You can use a delicate youngster shampoo, or a horse or puppy shampoo. Just bear in mind that any one will ought to maintain the lead rope whilst the opposite individual washes. Since it's really cold external, I might attempt to maintain off at the tub except he has caked-on dust. You can use a rubber curry comb to sweep the entire dust out (and it offers the horse a bit of therapeutic massage whilst you do it). You can uncover trojan horse meds at a nearby feed retailer. It is available in a paste that you just squirt into the pony's mouth. The horses hate it and can take a look at quite rough to preserve you from giving it to them, so you're going to ought to maintain his head whilst you do it. Do you've a halter or a lead rope? Those 2 matters are very foremost to get. I doubt that some thing critical is improper with him. A vet might determine him over and supply you knowledge approximately worming, pictures, and age--however except the horse is limping or bleeding, he is almost always first-rate. As a long way as temperament is going, you're going to need to see for your self. Some horses are very pleasant and can run as much as you within the pasture, whilst others will refuse to come back to you. If he permits you to stroll as much as him and puppy him, and does not attempt to chew you for a few days, then he's almost always k. I might wait a couple of days to get to understand the horse's persona earlier than letting your son "play" with him. Since he's nonetheless so younger, you might wish to stick proper beside him regardless of how good mannered the horse is. Remember to restrict loud squealing, and do not stroll in the back of him(in kicking variety) till you already know him greater! I believe you can be first-rate with him, and you can also become aware of that you just wish to preserve him round. The fee may not be very a lot in any can simply be procuring every day feed, a wormer, and a hoof trim each and every 6 weeks. For a better horse it may be plenty of cash, however ponies consume SO a lot much less that the fee is not as tangible. I want you good fortune!!

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    You probably don't want to hear this, but I have no idea either. Just make sure that you know how to take care of them REALLY well before you get them!!!!!!!!!! Also something tells me that tips from rodent owners won't quite work for horses...

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    Maybe getting a horse isn't the smartest decision

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    YOU SHOULD NOT GET A HORSE IF U DONT KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THEM! my sister is a pro rider and knows, so she has a reason to own horses. u should not be getting horses, it will b animal abuse if u r getting them and don't know how to give them proper care.

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    I am pretty sure ponies aren't rodents lolz

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