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counsellor said offensive things :( what do i do?

ive been seeing a counselor for depression but i see him through a lottery funded charity ( i live in the uk).. so not through the nhs... anyways i have seen him about 4/5 times and he is funny down to earth.. he swears.. but i swear so it doesnt bother me... infact i think its cool lol

Anyways thats the good stuff this is the bad.... in the last session we had (on thursday) he asked how i was and for the 3 session in a row i said i dont know.. and couldnt explain ..said i was numb etc... and i started talking about an issue... (family related... me and my brother dont get on) so basically i brought up an issue i had with him .. and he didnt seem to answer or say anything about it i mentioned my ex best friends (they have let me down so much that we have fell out and wont be friends again)( they are alot more problems but cba explaining them!) and the chat kind off got diverted and i said that i struggle to go out with my other friends... its just too much ... overwhelming.. anyways he said that his depression is probably worser than mine.. and to me .. that just kicked me in the teeth really...its like he is an issue now.. because he reminds me off the good friends i had that let me down... he also said he seen this t-shirt that said... "now you have told me your problems, **** off"... which baring in mind i strugle to open up fully i dont think its fair .. because now i just dont want to say anything at all now.. whats the point?! if he is thinking that then no point boring him with my boring problems.. he ment the t-shirt thing as a joke! but i just found it extremely offensive! so what do i do? because i actually thought he was the counselor for me! and now i dont want to see him its like the damage has already been done :\

i also see a lady from first steps... now she has refered me to someone else because she feels she cant help (this is the second time i have been reffered (this was about 6 weeks ago) and ive not heard anything back... i know i need counseling ..because im pathetic and cant seem to carry on through life until i deal with it... anyways... what do i do? should i just not bother with counseling anymore and try and sort it myself? :(

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  • 9 years ago

    I would say your counsellor is not good or ur bad. There is only one thing that comes to my mind after reading ur story,"no1 can help the person who does'nt help himself or herself". Right now you may be going through alot but you need to stay upright.. Its about u cuz at the end u do things not ur counsellor. Hope this helps and you can msg me.. I wud listen and help you to relax. Stay happy no matter what happens.

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