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Is there a way to fix my big labia either without anyone finding out or without surgery?

I have a big labia and it hurts my self esteem. Not just that but it's irritating too. Unless I'm really wet it's irritating to wipe and sometimes walk and masturbate. It just kind of gets in the way. I'm so sick of having it sometimes I wanna cry and I consider having surgery but I could never tell my mom about it or any other female family members. I don't know anything I can do besides surgery.


I don't see how the nerve endings would really matter. It's just painful, not a bad pain but a small annoying pain. It doesn't give me any pleasure at all.

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    Normally, it will be "fixed" when you stop growing. Your body is still developing. If you can find a way to get it done, you'll never get all those nerve endings back. That could be a tremendous disappointment later in life, unless you're planning on becoming a nun.

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    nerve endings Matter during Sex!-

    most of the female feeling during sex is on the Outside parts of her genitals Not inside the vagina canal


    The purposes of the inner labia -- the labia women seem to be most concerned with in queries like these -- are to keep bacteria outside of the vestibule for vaginal health, and in terms of sex, to provide additional genital sensation and lubrication during sexual activities, and additionally an extra "grip" on anything inserted in the vagina. In some ways, they're backup singers to the outer labia when it comes to both keeping out the yuckies and providing extra sexual sensation.

    On average, inner labia are around 3/4s of an inch long to over two inches long at the longest point. Inner labia also vary wildly when it comes to color and texture: women's health and OB/GYN references make clear that just as many labia are visible outside the labia majora as those which are not.

    Neither set of labia are unimportant or irrelevant. Both sets help to keep the vagina clear of bacteria and other yuckies, which helps us stay healthy.

    >>>>> Inside our outer labia are the vestibular bulbs and crura, or legs, of one of the parts of our clitoris which is internal. The outer labia and inner labia also both swell and become more sensitive when we're sexually excited, and which provide a source of sexual sensation >>>>>for us and our partners.

    >>>> The inner labia also have sebaceous glands which play a part in lubrication with sex>>>>

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