Is this a decent gaming computer for the price?

This is an HP Pavilion HPE desktop. 699$


AMD FX-Series 3.5ghz (Cache memory 6MB on die level 2)

1TB Hardrive SATA 7200 RPM

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7450 (1GB Dedicated)

Beats Audio

Here's the link for more info:


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  • 9 years ago
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    Nicholas is absolutely right, it is always better to build. DO NOT buy branded, manufacturer brand PC if gaming is your thing.


    NO. Not by far.

    First of all the price is way to high for the low end specs.

    The whole AMD FX "Faildozer" series were proven not to be good gaming processors.

    Also, that AMD Radeon HD 7450 (1GB Dedicated) is a very low end graphics card. - very low 376 score

    For good to excellent gaming, a graphics card with an 1800 or bigger score is needed.

    10GB of RAM is an odd setup, not good, will force single channel memory operation, slowing down your computer.

    You want:


    Intel Core i3-2130 or i3-2100 for budget gaming PC (up to $800)

    Intel Core i5-2500K or i5-3570K for high performance gaming PC ($1,000 and over)

    For gaming, an i7 would be overkill and a waste of money.



    Get the new Z77 chipset motherboard, best performance for any 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Core i processors.


    At least a GeForce GTX550 Ti or a Radeon HD 7750 or 7770

    with a GeForce GTX560 Ti being best value and performance, or get a Radeon HD 6950 or 6970


    A dual channel kit of 8GB (two x 4GB), DDR3 1600Mhz or at least 1333MHz

    Source(s): I just built two gaming computers recently, also 14 years of upgrading and repairing computers.
  • 9 years ago

    I will never, NEVER buy a complete name-brand computer. Never again.

    What happens is that the advertised pieces are the only good parts to the computer. The rest of it is crap. I had a Dell Inspiron laptop a few years back and the thing gave me so much trouble, I finally just gave up and started compiling pieces to build my own desktop computer.

    I am much, much more satisfied with my homemade desktop. All the pieces are of great quality, and a comparable name-brand desktop would have cost about $500 more.

    I completely recommend signing up to receive email promotions from and compiling all the parts for a computer yourself. It will be cheaper and it will be of much better quality. Do not worry about building the thing, it's actually really easy. Just make sure you do a lot of research and get good deals, and that all the pieces are compatible, etc.

    I did all this with little to no experience.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yeah, it will do what you need it to.

    However, if you have the time, you should build one. I have just purchased all the parts for a computer double the performance of that for $700. On the downside, the graphics card that comes with that computer is somewhat weak. It will run most games, it isn't that bad, but if you really want stunning graphical performance, and the ability to max out games, upgrade.

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