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was my response to this child out of line?

I was handing out samples at my side job. A little kid came up wanting a sample. When I bent down to give him one he grabbed the tray and pulled it so hard it caught me off guard and I fell the floor just missing landing on my arm that was broken severely a couple months ago. I told the parents I wasn't risking more medical bills and therapy so he could have a free sample. they pulled the kid out of ear shot and when they walked by me again the kid was balling with snot running down his face.

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    No it's a better response than they would have gotten from me. I would have said no, he can't have a sample because he's a grabby inconsiderate brat.

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    A lot depends on how old this child was. A 3 or 4 year old doesn't know that grabbing the tray can cause problems. It's probably your responsibility to gauge the abilities of the child to decide whether to hand them one or offer the tray. If it was an older child, the child should have known not to grab the tray.

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    No it wasn't what you said. The kid did it on accident and you didn't wanna get hurt again REASONABLE. But the parents on the other hand shouldn't beat their kid or yell at him for something like that especially if he was young. Personally i think it causes anger problems because it teaches your kids to get mad or be violent when you get angry with someone. Even though some parents call it displine. I WOULD NEVER hit my kids, i'm sorry that's NOT disipline.

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    It was absolutely not out of line. That child needs discipline. About him crying, the parents might've disciplined him/had a nice talk with him which was obviously needed.

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