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im 7 months pregnant and my fiance smacked me?

Im 27 and a half weeks pregnant. Tonight my fiance went out and had a few drinks no big deal we were getting along fine until he goes to the kitchen and pours wine into a glass after he had a case of beer just earlier I told him he didnt need it cause he would be hungover and he tends to get angry when he drinks. but he had it anyway. Then eventually like everytime he drinks to much he starts attacking me saying i make him feel like **** and so on and i told him the only reason hes saying that is because hes had too much to drink it happens everytime he ******* drinks he then called me a ***** and said **** you slammed the door and left, I went and poured his drink down the sink as i seen he didnt need anymore. He then called me a number of names and i called him an alcoholic and he slapped me as hard as he could across the face. I didnt even know what to say so i walked away soon later he came in and said "sorry but thats been building up for a long time, you did call me an alcholic" so he basically told me i deserved it because i called him an alcoholic. He then tried to force me to give him a hug refused so he left the room....Im carrying his son and he had the nerve idk what to do...btw my family lives overseas...i feel so stuck and alone


thanks critter, and yes I know i shouldnt drink, I didnt have anything to drink at all. not once since I found out i was pregnant did i have a sip of anything alcoholic. He went out with his dad to watch a game and drank with him and came home and drank.

Update 2:

also i stayed home while he went out....

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    I was in the same exact position. You need to get out now. It only gets worse. An abuser never finds faults in themselves its always going to be your fault no matter what. My boyfriend starting doing this and tried blaming him cheating on me, the car accident we were in on me, the fight he started on me... it just gets worse and it may eventually lead to your son. What happens when he can't get the baby to stop crying? You need to leave. I know its hard but do it for you and your baby. It's the best thing for all of you I promise. Sorry you're going through this :( it's a really tough situation.

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    He's an alcoholic if he's going to hit you after pouring his drink down the drain...and he's an abuser. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. You need to get away. ASAP. Imagine how angry he's going to get with a little kid running around pissing him off. Right now, you have a choice: it's either him or that child and I hope you choose that child.

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    This is pretty serious. I'd suggest getting help, either finding a councilor to work it out together, or look up support groups in the area who could help you, such as churches or even the police if it gets worse. Abusers often blame the person they hurt as though it was their fault, when it's not, and that he's been wanting to do it for a long time makes me worry that it will happen again. I'd suggest getting help.

    As a side note, you do know that you shouldn't drink while pregnant, right?

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    i think of that's thoroughly pssible which you're preggo in ur eggo. My spouse's brother's roomate had a similar subject concerns you probably did. that's an threat of a million out of 89,000,000 which you will properly be skinny wit a babay interior yo abdomen. don't be apprehensive. especially circumstances the bebe sowly sinks down into your bowels and your butt starts to amplify. i comprehend this would possibly not have got here approximately to you, besides the undeniable fact that it is going to. quickly. you will comprehend that that's going to be happening to you while your poop comes out in the shapes of huckleberrys. i comprehend that that's a frightening time, yet merely bear in mind that i'm continuously right here, to hold your hand. stable day.

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    Hes an *** !

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