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What's a good name for a baby ?

My friend is pregnant with her 6th child. She has two older kids from previous relationships. And when she and her husband got married they had four more. She was 15 when her oldest son was born and had her second oldest daughter at 18. She married her husband when she was 21. They've been married for 13 years and now they have a 9 year old and a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Now she's pregnant again with her 6th child. She's about 4 months along and she wants the perfect name for her new baby. Her hubby is really excited he's been rubbing her tummy and kissing it. She said he's better than her boyfriends were when she was pregnant with their kids. She said they never even touched her belly when she was pregnant. She has 5 kids named Cooper , Amy , Carrie , Jacob and Angel. What's a good baby name that'll fit in with these kids ? Their last name is Thompson.

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    Melissa Rose Thompson

    Hanna Jane Thompson

    Kendall Jacob Thompson

    Justin Parker Thompson

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    Girl Names:

    1. Abigail Jane

    2. Hannah Lindsay

    3. Felicity Rosaline

    4. Emilia Gabriella

    5. Celine Juliette

    Boy Names:

    1. Ryan Dean

    2. Landon Scott

    3. Ethan Troy

    4. Brandon Michael

    5. Kyle Adam

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    Girl Names:








    Boy Names:





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    I think it should start with a J since there are already two kids with C names and two kids with A names. Jacob is the only J name, so the new baby should have a J name! That way it will be equal! :)


    Jason, Jaron, Jared, Jackson, Joseph, Jamie, James, Joel


    Jessica, Jennifer, Jamie, Jacey, Jaclyn

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    I personally really like Megan I think it goes great with Thompson. if not i also like Clarisse or Clair for short but it might be too close to Carrie. I also like angela but its really close to angle.

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    shantel marie =)

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