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He stared at me for more than couple seconds. Is that good?!?! Does he like me?!?!!?

Ok so im in college.

My Friend sat behind me and our mutual Friend sat beside her. My Friend behind me sneezed we said bless you. she sneezed like 5 times in a row and we laughed. my teachers awesome and he like jokes with us so he stopped the lesson and looked at us and asked if he did something funny we said no and explained what happened. well when the teacher asked us that the kid i liked turned around. he sat in the row my mutual Friend sat in just in the first seat. anyway he turned around and looked straight at me. we looked at each other for probably more than 5 seconds and then i was the one who broke the eye contact cause i didn't want to see creepy and i looked away at the floor then i look up after a second and i noticed he turned around. After that day i notice he stare at me more. my Friend would tell me they caught him staring at me alot. and when i would look he look away quick. the say he sat beside me in class my Friend said she saw him intensely check me out. one point i caught him and i looked Little i saw him look straight and play with his shirt aLittle.

what do you think all this means?

do you think hes interested in me???! Whats going through his mind you think???

yes i do like him... alot actually!

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    xhit girl! this guy likes you! BAM!

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