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What should I do about him?

My boyfriend and I have had a rocky month. First we stopped talking for a week in which he admitted to talking to others however, he said nothing went on. Well, He ignored me for like 2 weeks. we start conversing again last week and then he says he doesn't want to talk about it when I ask why. We stop talking for a few days and finally we talk again yesterday. I ask why he ignored me etc. he says it's because he needed a break. Anyways he wanted sex but I don't think he deserves any from me because I need to know its abou more than that. He gets upset. However, now he keeps texting asking why I'm using sex as a power and why I need to try to prove a point by not giving him any. I just don't want him thinking he can walk away and come back when he wants sex. Am I in the wrong?

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    Girl, he isn't a good bf if he will ignore u for weeks but only come back for sex!!!! he's privs using u as his sex toy

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