How do I know if my Gf is cheating on me?

I have been with my gf for 7 months now, I really love her so much and even though we went through a lot, but we managed to stay together, now I am a really not the kind of guy that would play girls just for fun, when i say I love her I really do, few days ago she left back to her country recently to visit her family...and she always sends me long love letters and at the end she would say something like "Oh i am going out tomorrow with a guy friend alone on the beach" or she tells me that she feels far from me and after 5 mins she would say" I just want to be back in your arms" she calls me every day and tells me she misses me and all, but in the same time I don't really know what the heck is going on?? Is she just trying to make me jealous or she is playing me...she talked a lot about breaking up for the summer and then going back after that..but i am not the kind of guy that would do that! i really need some help, cause I love her and I am faithful to her but in the same time it's really hard for me to digest her what do you guys think?? and what do you think I should do??...Please no bullshit answers

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  • 9 years ago
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    *Sighs* People play too many mind games, don't they?

    Anyway, girls have guys they consider to be bros. Unless your girl has a low self esteem, you shouldn't worry about her cheating on you.

    If she is playing any games, she probably wants you to miss her like crazy so YOU don't leave her.

    Just be straight up with her and tell your feelings - This way, no matter how things go down... You know you were a straight shooter.

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