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Is this a yeast infection?

Details: I have itching, burning, an EXTREMELY swollen and tender clitoris, and white clumpy discharge.

I had sex two days ago, without a condom and the next day is when all this started. The sex was rough, and he spent too much time nibbling on my clitoris which made it sore for the night and next day. So i thought it was just my clit that was so sensitive and sore. But then the rest of the symptoms came.

Does this sound like a yeast infection?

I took monistat 1 a few hours ago and dont notice anything, im going to the doctor tomorrow.

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  • 9 years ago

    . Avoid unclean sex dealings and in case of sex activities clean it immediately using clean water. Don’t get contact with unknown guys or men for sex dealings.

    Fingering masturbating with unclean objects( pen roller objects etc) may cause injury in the vagina and resultant infection and pain and sores. Always keep vagina and its surroundings clean and dry. Change you under garments everyday.

    Sex is a natural action with two persons developed by natural instinct. Begin the process with pleasing talks kissing touching embrace fondling and finally come to the intercourse. Just at the end there is the apex feeling the ecstasy or most happy feeling every cells of the body that is orgasm.The real orgasm develops at the clitoris or deep in the vagina or both several times in the case of a girl or woman.

    . Any sex action by self cannot lead to orgasm but a companion may lead you to it soon. When the partner is lovable and co operative and gentle it will be high success.

    When the mind and the body are prepared and the atmosphere is suitable it happens in the natural way. Anything unnatural will cause discomfort in the process. Anxiety dislike ill feeling sickness hasty attitude hatred anger lack of enough lubrication rough and force dealing etc from any ones side may create unpleasant ending.

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