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Mexican crumbly cookies?

I am looking for a recipe and the name of these cookies. They are sold in Mexican bakeries, and are VERY crumbly. They literally melt in your mouth. I thought they were Pan De Polvo cookies but I've made them and Pan De Polvo isn't crumbly at all and just seem to be too floury....if that makes any sense. The cookies I'm looking for do have cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top and do have cinnamon in the cookie itself.

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    Their seems to be quite a few Mexican crumbly cookies lol, Mexican wedding cakes are cookies that are shaped im small rounds or sometimes crescents, depending on the recipe and are delicious and delicate and are covered in powdered sugar once they are baked

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    They are called Not So Vile Mexican Crumbly Cookies.

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    They are called biscochitos.

    Source(s): I'm from New Mexico!
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