Why is weed illegal and alcohol isnt?

First off,its doesn't make sense that alcohol is legal if it can make you do dangerous,risky things.It makes you an angry little munchkin but weed makes you feel relaxed,happy,reduces pain,gives you energy,helps you go to sleep(depending on sativa or indica) alcohol may make you happy and "let your fun self go" but the storied always ends the same.An angry person having a fight and going to jail,doing unthroughly-thought things(unsafe sex,killing someone,etc)Im not going to say a car accident or teenager getting in trouble because i acknowledge weed can do the same.Now lets look at the bad physical things marijuana can do.At the worst,if used 3 or more times a day over a LONG period of time,can cause lung disease or other lung problems.Alcohol,on the other hand,can cause many more problems over a short period of time(Brain cell loss,overdose,liver disease,cancer,and alot more other things)Weed makes you want to sleep when your done,then you usually wake up feeling refreshed,while alcohol makes you feel hungover and vomit.Ive heard people talking about "what if a pilot has to fly a plane and he's stoned?" well im sure the effects of weed are pretty obvious,and what if that pilot was drunk but it wasn't obvious?If they didn't take the breathalyzer test before the flight,things would not end well.All i'm saying is that it doesn't make sense to make a more phsically-harmful,violent causing thing legal,while something that can help medical conditions(relaxes the tensed blood vessels in glaucoma patients,reduces pain in cancer patients,relaxes severe ADHD patients,etc)and make you feel happy,illegal

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    9 years ago
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    It is all about taxing it and nothing else. Most people do not make beer or liquor at their house, but it is easy to grow a plant.

    It will be legal in a few years. Or move to CA where I am and get a script.

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    9 years ago

    the only drugs I do is beer and marijuana, I am responsible on both of them, I never drive stoned or drunk, I dont go into work hung over, or after taking a couple tokes, I save it for when Im at home, when I dont have to be anywhere or have any obligations. ......I guess im a criminal. 13 years going strong, been thrown in jail, put on probation, forced into substance abuse classes, gave state of utah around 8 thousand dollars. ......im starting to see why marijuana is illegal, because a select few people with power are making bank from busting people

    Anthony- I understand what you are saying, but people can easily brew their own beer, it takes a couple months, but growing a fully mature marijuana plant takes atleast 9 months.

    Nick-Im pretty sure I have more life expierence, work expierence, and a higher IQ than you, you cant say 250 million americans are stupid without backing it up.

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    The most basic reason that I can give you is this:

    When you smoke weed, lots of smoke goes into the air. You get high, and the people around you can get high off just the smoke. That can hurt other people.

    Alcohol on the other hand is consumed into the stomach, and that's it. It has no affect on the people around the drinker.

    Therefore, weed is illegal and alcohol is not. It's not stupid at all. People who smoke weed are stupid.

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    9 years ago

    Weed is hard to be taxed since you can grow it yourself it would also hit the lumber industry because hemp is cheaper to make into paper then wood.

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  • 9 years ago

    Weed is still too hot an issue for any politican to support if he wants to be re-elected.

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    9 years ago

    Because the governments stupid...

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